Guidelines for Successful Sharing

Independent Marketing Director Opportunity (IMD)

Guidelines for Successful Sharing
Our desire for anyone that is representing Team National (TN) is that they do so with integrity and character. It is important to always provide clear, accurate and timely disclosures to prospective IMDs regarding potential income with TN. Remember that IMD presentations to prospective IMDs or customers must be complete, truthful, and consistent with official TN literature and sales aids. In the conduct of its business, IMDs shall safeguard and promote the reputation of the products and services of TN and shall refrain from all conduct which might be harmful to Team National’s reputation. IMD’s must avoid all discourteous, deceptive, misleading, unethical or immoral conduct or practices. Your IMD status can be renewed each year under IMD Resources / IMD Renewal.

Business Opportunity, Savings & Product Claim Guidelines
DO: Give accurate and truthful information regarding income earnings potential. Share your lifestyle change. Provide a copy of the Income Earnings Disclosure to all prospective individuals.

DON’T: Exaggerate income earnings potential or minimize the time it takes to earn income. Share the earnings of other IMDs; show screenshots of checks, direct deposit statements and/or post pictures of checks to social media or distribute pictures of checks.

DO: Utilize the Team National Road To Financial Freedom video to share an illustration of the TN compensation plan.

DON’T: Offer hypothetical projections or drawings of potential earnings to explain how the compensation plan works. Guarantee success or income.

DO: Share your membership and TN consumable product savings with others and how you enjoy the taste, feeling, quality and/or pricing.

DON’T: Exaggerate a savings benefit or imply that a consumable product can diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

Online/Social Media Guidelines
DO: Share in social media posts specific, truthful, membership savings and/or lifestyle change. If sharing lifestyle changes, link to the Income Earnings Disclosure on Share recorded team calls only with IMD private groups.

DON’T: Share social media posts that imply income earnings or potential. Use live video feeds such as Facebook to present the TN business. Record and post anyone giving a business overview. Record and publish videos of TN events including local events, Super Saturdays and National Conventions. Post a photo of a Ferrari implying it was purchased via income earned from TN; It can be misleading.

DO: Use the IMD logo as part of a Chamber listing, in registered blogs and on email signature lines. The IMD logo is accessible for download under IMD Resources; Compliance Resources; Team National Logo Use.

DON’T: Use the Team National trade names, trademarks or the Team National Corporate logo for any purpose; including when creating Social Media group pages or in any portion of the creation of accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, Instagram, etc.

Click the Policies and Procedures to review additional responsibilities.