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Janet M Sorensen

Presidential Director

La Crosse, WI

Hello, I’m Janet Marie :) I’m a single mom of 2 grown daughters who are in the Military. “My oldest daughter Jael, who's in the Air Force, is back from Iraq! Jael and Cory her husband, reside in Omaha, NE. So glad to have you home safe. My youngest daughter Jessie and her brand new husband as of Aug 23, 2011, Anthony, are in the Army & stationed in Germany. My congrats to the happy couples!!! Team National allows me to shop various stores at the Big N Marketplace and send directly to their perspective APO’s (Army/Air Force Post Office) free of charge with minimal purchases. My girls get what they want and need faster through the website, because it’s not shipped to me and then I’d have to pay to ship it on. My “why” for Team National is because of the honest, helpful members & it's a good solid value. After using it for months, I’ve found it to be better than I could ever have imagined! My membership invested has come back to me in full and for the rest of my life and that of my girls and their family it’s profit all the way! Feel free to shop my Big N Marketplace and if you have any questions please contact me and I can try to assist you. Have a Great Life!

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