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Paul D Soucek

Bronze Presidential Director

Denver, CO

I work with business owners and individuals make more money and keep more of what they make. I'm not a CPA, Financial Planner, Investment Advisor, Financial/Business/Marketing Coach, or anything like that. I'm part of a national membership group that helps businesses bring in more revenue, individuals generate extra income, and provides all members access to exclusive discounts not available to the general public. Typically, our members fall into one of these descriptions: The first are very successful business owners, entrepreneurs, or well-paid employees. They are driven, well-organized and have everything put together. These people are always looking to get an advantage in life for themselves, their families, and their businesses. The second category strives for success too. They just haven't reached it yet. - Maybe they're a business owner: They stress about the business ALL THE TIME, they're tired of constantly selling, they're frustrated their expenses eat away any profits, they are annoyed they have to give all their time and energy to keep the business going instead of spending time with kids/family/friends/hobbies. - Maybe they're employees with a stable job, or two, but embarrassed they can't quite get ahead. They're stressed about working too many hours, not spending time with family, and not being able to provide like they want to. - Maybe they're the unemployed "domestic engineers" taking care of the house and family. They're overwhelmed with those responsibilities and stressors and may feel guilty not contributing to the household finances. If any of this described you or your situation, I'd be happy to have a quick conversation to figure out if there's a good fit between us. Use the contact form and I'll reach out.

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