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Team National is a membership savings company. We provide a membership that helps individuals, families and businesses cut their expenses and receive cash rebates. We negotiate with name brand companies to lower prices and/or provide cash back, by utilizing group buying power. How is that possible? Team National represents thousands of customers; therefore, we can negotiate much lower prices and cash back rebates.

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A Team National membership can help you, your family and your business save money and earn cash back on purchases and transactions you are going to otherwise make with no benefit. 


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Spend less - Save More!

If you are a business owner looking to keep more profit, a mom or dad looking to buy everyday items for less, or a couple about to retire looking to decrease the cost of living, Team National can help you achieve your goals.

Own a Business? Buy like a Boss!

Team National offers savings in services and products that matter to business owners like payment and payroll processing. When you cut down costs on essential items, you increase the profitability of your business.

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Have a Family? Stretch your paycheck!

There are products the average family must buy. Imagine saving with name brand companies and earning rebates with your favorite retailers on essential products and services. Leverage our savings program against the rising cost of living and keep more of your earnings. 

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Retired? Decrease Your Costs!

If the high increase in the cost of living is cutting into your fixed monthly income, Team National can cut the price down on products and services you normally buy.

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