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These are four areas where Team National can save you big!

Group Buying Power


An Entrepreneur has many needs, and Team National can help you save big on those essential needs. From commercial auto insurance, business insurance to cell phone plans, car rental, and Real Estate services, Team National can help you save.


Looking to buy a truck for you or your fleet? Check out our Auto Mall section; there you can save big on a new or used vehicle in your area.


Factory Direct


If you have an office and you need to equip or furnish it, Team National can help you with substantial savings in office furniture, flooring and much more. How you use our savings platform is limited by your creativity


Business Services


For business owners, Team National offers savings through payment and payroll processing, as well as other great benefits. In terms of payment processing, our Business Solutions division offers great processing rates with average annual savings of $2,061 as well as no start-up or termination fees, and a free terminal solution. Through our partnership with ADP, the payroll market leader, we offer up to 50% savings on payroll processing fees and this offer is even valid for current ADP clients.

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Rebate Program


Get rebates when you buy from up to 500 participating online retailers. Each store offers rebates on everything from shoes to electronics. As a business owner, you can save on thousands of products such as; Office equipment, office supplies, apparel, the list is endless.
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How Can We Afford to Offer So Much Value?

While others charge higher fees because processing is their primary source of revenue, our company’s main revenue is derived from membership sales, therefore, we can afford to offer these benefits at significant reduced rates.

Moreover, for a low subscription price, we offer businesses access to legal services, identity protection, and onsite and remote technical support. Members can also shop online and earn cash back on items they already purchase, such as office supplies and electronics. Finally, with only one membership, members can leverage the savings for all their businesses, regardless of the number of locations or Federal IDs.

What are some practical items you can save on?

Business members can also leverage discounts on:

  • Office Equipment
  • TN Factory Direct — furniture, flooring and more
  • MetLife business insurance
  • Marketplace — rebate program
  • Health discount program

These are just some of the savings opportunities we provide business owners. We have a multitude of ways we can help businesses enjoy great savings and rebates.

For more information, please review our business brochure, website and related videos.


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