Who we are

The leading membership savings company in the direct selling industry

Team National Building

Who we are

Team National is a membership savings company that utilizes the direct sales method of distribution. Team National was founded by Dick Loehr, who developed our one-of-a-kind membership savings program that provides value in a variety of areas through collective buying power. We connect consumers with savings and value-added services on products they purchase regularly. Our company believes in helping others and bringing individuals and families together; strengthening them and providing greater opportunities. Our membership savings has continued to grow and evolve since inception and has tremendous value. We are partnered with industry leaders to provide quality and excellence. The variety of our products and our savings truly make our membership program applicable to everyone. Our optional earnings program gives those that choose to market our membership, a terrific primary, or secondary income. Team National is committed to providing value to our members and inspiring the dreams of our independent representatives.

Where We Are Located

Originally chosen as a frequent vacation spot for the Loehr family, South Florida became the headquarters for Team National. South Florida is a busy and innovative hub for business and travel—also a perfect place for a business vacation for the entire family. 

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About the founder

Richard “Dick” Loehr (1943 - 2008) began his successful career as a race car driver for the champion Ford drag racing team. He was not only a successful racer from 1961 through 1971, but also captain of the Ford Drag Team.

The Timeline

Dick Loehr provided the membership savings & services to a small direct selling company. Andres Forero was hired early on and currently serves as a Vice President.

Company History

In 1996 Dick began developing a company that would provide benefits and services to consumers. He designed a one-of-a-kind savings program, which would allow anyone to enjoy discount buying power like that of a Fortune 500 company.

These are just a few of the name-brand companies involved with our various savings.

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