Can You Jig It?

St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Break and April Fool’s came and went!  Passover and Easter are also now behind us.  Can you believe we’re in the second quarter of the year?  Equally surprising to many is that others know what they will be doing in the coming weeks, the following month and into the beginning of summer.  Their days are lined up with meetings, creative planning and training sessions, exciting events, zany Zoom calls; and they still have wiggle room for leisure and relaxation—living life to the hilt!  How do they do it?  Is it determination and discipline?  Wholeheartedly, but in a tangible way they get it done with a jig or two.  No, no, not the dance.  I will explain.



There are many definitions and slangs for the word, jig, but as it pertains to business, we’d like to use it as a metaphor from a lesson recently taught by renowned leadership advisor and life coach, Darren Hardy.  He said that with adding one simple jig, which for him is a planning system, he doubled all of his metrics: Impact, Influence, and Income, also resulting in more vacations with his family.



Darren added that similar to a device that holds a piece of work and guides the tools operating on it (like wood or metal), a jig or guiding system in business reduces the freedom of movement, mental choices, and decisions that come up in the environment.




‘Now that’s a different angle,’ I thought.  Quickly followed by, ‘Do we have a jig?’ 


As it turns out, not only did I discover that jigs are used in many professions, such as manufacturing and infrastructure, aviation, construction, carpentry and cabinet-making—that artisans use them in making jewelry, and that YouTubers create DIY projects with jigs; but more importantly, it dawned on me that in our industry we use jigs in manual labor, administratively and also in the sales field.



I shared this with a friend and his response was: “OK, that’s great!”  But he wasn’t very enthused.  So it occurred to me that whenever the subject of systems or plans are brought up to consumers, most folks have the tendency to think, ‘ugh, not another difficult-to-follow and costly system.’  Can you relate?  I certainly can! 



Just between you and me, I need to lose 50 - 60 pounds; yet when I scroll through my social media feed or browse the internet, I am typically skeptical of full-body workout systems, diet plans and products that people rave about in testimonials.  It is not a lack of belief, it’s that my greatest challenge lies in finding a happy medium.  In other words, a “jig” that will meet all of my immediate needs without a lot of expense because namely, calorie counting isn’t going to cut it, neither will high-fat keto diets; not even IF (intermittent fasting).  And as far as cost, well…let’s just say that at times my “budget belt” feels more like a noose! 




“What about a cross-fit-type system,” you ask.  Oh, I’ve seen those.  They’re amazing and make humans look like a graphic novel superhero!  Candidly, I cringe in pain with them.  Not the natural “no pain, no gain,” but the fight-or-flight response kind.  The truth is that not everyone is physiologically or psychologically able to participate in such rigorous forms of exercise.  I mean, the first thing that pops into my mind when I see a giant exercise tire is, ‘Let me hide in it and take a little power nap.’  It’s not slothfulness and I am no couch potato, I promise!  For many people, there are true challenges beyond plain sight.  Fortunately for us though, our strong-willed inner child is always louder than the voices shouting: “Nah, you can’t do it!” or “Get real—give it up while you still can!” 



If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan.  And guess what they have planned for you?  Not much.

~ Jim Rohn



When it comes to approaches to better health and well-being, there is a panoply of resources, and the same goes for getting moving.  From bike riding, speed walking, pool exercises, total body sit-down exercises, to low impact stretching, such as Tai Chi and yoga, excuses must be axed out or x-ed out (pick your favorite!) to make way for conscientious commitments to ‘get er done!’  





So now that the topic of jigs in business is poignant or clear, let’s look at some of what they can offer us.



  1. They decrease monetary expense.
  2. They reduce the amount of energy, effort, and mental resources.
  3. They increase the value of solutions.



As it relates to our company, in the way a planner, such as Dave Ramsey’s EveryDollar app, a meal plan, like Purple Carrot or Home Chef, or even a personal-styling system, such as Stitch Fix or Nordstrom Trunk Club (all forms of jigs) help with saving money, healthier eating, portion control, organization and more free time; a mounting number of features, subscriptions and tools are available to you as a business owner. 



“But what exactly do they have to offer me?”, you ask.  Exactly what you need!  After all, in that the main purpose of a jig is to provide accuracy, interchangeability and repeatability, our business-building jigs can stabilize and lighten those tasks that might potentially slow you down, hold you back, or actually interfere with achieving the most important things in your agenda, to-do app or checklist. 



To say that jigs are useful would be putting it mildly—jigs are essential!



Wrapping the jig concept around a business-as-usual mindset could still be unclear. If that’s the case, let’s consider this—say we have a group of 50 on the cusp of success, which we will categorize as Group A, and then there’s another group of 50 equally intelligent, talented individuals who struggle with their everyday tasks (Group B).  More than likely, the only difference between them is that the members in Group B have yet to find a jig that works well for what they aim to accomplish.  Hey! I just saw a couple running to Group A.


Though success is not typical, success typically comes down to finding a system with the functionality and usability that frames you and your needs.


Seriously, here’s a bonus!  The jigs available to you in Team National are also inclusive.  In other words, all of the planning, designing and hard work that went into creating our fail-safe system is in your hands—or it can be.  This system can very well be the happy medium that a lot of us are in search of.  And to think that it’s yours for the using!





So friends, it might be time to revisit some simple questions:


Are you using the system? 

✓ “Yes.” 


Does the system work as expected?

✓ “Yes.” 


Is the system easy to use and follow?

✓ “Oh yes. But what precisely can I use in my day-to-day?” 



Well that’s the easiest part; just log in and browse around.  Besides our step-by-step business system, you have access to the TN Overview and Success Tracker.  Need a couple more?  How about Impact Health Sharing or the Save and Earn More program!  These jigs can either help you hit the next metric and objective, or simply enhance your profitability. 



Rest assured that the gears don’t stop turning for our corporate team and the field, who work together to design and develop state-of-the-art features that make life easier for you.  Comparable to a professional knife set sitting on your kitchen counter, TN has a vast number of tools to sharpen your business dealings.  Have you seen Breaking News lately?  Check out the new tools recently launched!


It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it. Life is long enough, and a sufficiently generous amount has been given to us for the highest achievements if it were all well invested.

~ Seneca



We encourage you to find a jig or two that work for you, and that you also add a few more tools to your entrepreneurial belt!  When in doubt, contact someone in your team who you feel most comfortable with to bounce ideas off of or help with valid concerns.  When doubt or self-criticism creeps in, always know that your team members thrive on your success; as with collaborative effort comes collective reward!  Can you jig it?  We know you can! 



Relax, practice mindfulness, model our CEO in being a giving geyser, and live safely in community.  Drive the vehicle you have your hands on, never forgetting that your successes are closer than they appear.




Get started today and check out the possibilities of what Team National can do for you. To learn about the Team National opportunity, please visit