The months of September and October traditionally mark Homecoming, or HOCO, as they call it nowadays for short—at least here in SOFLO. (Yes, we Floridians love to shorten just about everything.)


As you know, during homecoming, high-schoolers, as well as college and university alumni who return to their alma mater, look forward to the big game against a rival team and elections of the Homecoming King & Queen and their court.


Some schools have spirit week where they get to dress up and hold activities in support of a daily theme—all meant to raise school spirit while bringing awareness to a special cause or a specific event. In this case, sportsmanship, unity, citizenship, and a little character education is also thrown in the mix. The final perk? The semi-formal dance, of course! 🕺🏽💃🏿



All fun and games for these teens. Don’t you sometimes wish you were in their shoes; sneakers, cleats, pointe or dancing shoes? Adulting sucks y’all! (I mean it respectfully.) Here comes the transition…


…perhaps we can’t go back in time physically, yet we can live in the moment and strive for a greater future for our posterity. Taking a cue from the teenagers who do this several times a day, we should daydream. But, because we have years of advantage over them, our daydreaming will look more like days of freedom, peace and prosperity, good health and good will toward men (all men and women, that is, which is what the original writer meant).


You may be done with the monotony and restrictions of the nine-to-five. You might be drawn to breach a gap in your community or the world at large, or maybe you just want to make a lot more money. This time is simply a great time (pardon the redundancy) because the opportunities are not just vast but valuable.


Where we have the winning edge as a company is that independent business owners, or IMDs as we call them for short, can check all the boxes. We provide the opportunity, the savings, the training, the mentorship, the tools, the know-how, and then some.



As an added bonus, you won’t ever have to do it alone. You will be backed up by an “army” in the field and in the trenches, who won’t just train you to aim with laser focus but will also raise your arms up and hold them steady should you become just a bit weary in the battle.


Why do I say this? Because no one is going to sugar-coat anything here. Entrepreneurship is no walk on the beach but it can take you to the beaches of the world, as business leader and National Sales Director Robert Fason often likes to say. To embark on this journey takes grit and grind, and greatness! 🙌🏼 But of course, you have always possessed that (whether you realize it or not).



That said, in case you’re struggling and need a slice of pick-me-up, with a double shot of I-can-do-this expresso, we have put together a short spread of reasons why you should start your own business—pronto!



More Money 💰

This is pretty simple to both understand and remember because the operative word is more. So you want to make more money? Typically, you will have to work more hours. That’s it!


As an entrepreneur, you don’t have to work more hours, you just have to invest your time in more people. Nowadays it can be a bit challenging to raise the price of products in a competitive market, but if a product is that good, you know people will pay for it—even if you have to increase it. This is where a better-than-good experience as it relates to quality and customer service is non-negotiable.



Believe it! You can move forward in confidence, even in trying times. I’ll share this with you (looking around—JK). I discovered a disinfectant cleaning product during the pandemic that I rave to everyone I know about, and they all come back to thank me. It is truly an all-purpose cleaner with “simple ingredients and smart science.” The cost is very affordable, yet if they raised their prices, I would still buy it over any other of its kind in the market. 🤫 I’m sure you feel the same about a special product—or more than one.


Scratch that “more money, more problems” ideology. Rewrite it with this one instead: “more money, more opportunities.” This brings to mind side gigs. They are all the buzz in 2021—taking precedence for many over a traditional full-time job. The Team National Business Opportunity could be your side gig, or at the very least start out that way with a chance at both time and financial freedom.



Location 🗺

You know the saying often used in real estate; “location, location, location”? Well, when it comes to a home-based business, I am compelled to borrow it. Yes, one of the greatest advantages to owning your home-based business is location. Work here, there, anywhere!


You can operate your business and connect with customers in your house, their house, the corner café, a park, planes, trains, and automobiles. (Remember that movie? So funny!) Literally, you can work in comfort and at your leisure while your bank accounts get bigger.


Just think of all the people you could impact—all the influence you can have to truly make a difference in others’ lives. If this is the reason why you made the decision to go into business for yourself, but not be self-employed (because there is a difference), then this may very well be the right reason for you and your family to embark on a new, exciting, promising journey.



In his Cashflow Quadrant video, Tyson King teaches how as an entrepreneur you can move from the left side of the quadrant to the upper right side—where five percent of the population control ninety-five percent of the wealth.


How I wish you could see it. It’s phenomenal! If you’re a TN independent representative, you can. Just log in now! It’s less than six minutes long but chuck-full o’ nuggets. 😉 If you haven’t become an IMD yet, we can’t wait to welcome you aboard.


We enrich families and businesses by providing vehicles for growth and everyday savings

while unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit with honor, integrity and character.


That right there is our TN mission. Pretty neat, right? Quite accurate. Let me share one more thing; may I? I love what I get the privilege to do, day in and day out. You see, I have a front seat (no rows) to the lives who impact for change—to the people who help others help others.

Simple? Yes, actually. Since life can be complicated, why add to that? We should want to add value instead. 💞




This is far from the thought of a control freak, or worse, that narcissistic personality that controls everything and everyone—everywhere and every time. (SMH) The intent here is that you call the shots. You set the rules; who you work with, the days, hours, how you steer and steward your finances—the whole shebang, kit and caboodle (whatchamacallit).



Being in control of your business is synonymous with freedom. Okay, all of the responsibility will be laid on you; and yet, for a lot of us that is completely worth it. I mean…where do I begin, where do I end on this point!


One of the attractive aspects of entrepreneurship is that you are building an enterprise that will position you to be able to leave an inheritance for your children, grandchildren, and others coming up behind you. For many of us, that’s our Why. And, your personal business is willable but more importantly, you will not only leave an estate but a legacy that is much more valuable and meaningful to them and those whose life they will want to make a change in.



Tax Advantage

In a similar blog post found in, the editors share on the tax advantages of a home-based business. “You can deduct a part of your home’s operating and depreciation expenses; ... [it] can be a percentage of your mortgage, property taxes, insurance, utilities, and/or the expenses of household maintenance.”


For instance, in relation to the IRS mileage rate for tax year 2021, the standard IRS rate is 56 cents/mile of business use for operating your vehicle, 16 cents for moving or medical purposes, and 14 cents for charity miles.



Like me, many travel a minimum of 20 miles a day for work. That can add up to at least 5,200 miles per year. I have not and cannot get a tax break on all of that mileage, not to mention the wear and tear and all the other expenses that come from traveling for work.


Based on the same numbers, however, an entrepreneur could get a tax break of nearly $3K. Who wouldn’t want to keep more money to spend on those VIPs in their life?


Additionally, when you work for someone, taxes are straightforward—but by the time you have access to your take-home pay, the government has gotten about 20 percent of your hard-earned wages.


Conversely, entrepreneurs get all of the money they work for and then pay the government directly. In doing so, they choose what tax benefits they want to take advantage of—tax breaks accessible only to business owners. Moreover, they can invest in their future and form a hefty nest egg.


If you want to learn more, click here and also here. We recommend you speak with your tax consultant to help you sort all of the detailed information.




Healthcare Costs

In line with the tax breaks that would be available for you. As an entrepreneur, you get to choose how you pay for your health and wellness. You are no longer bound by a group insurance company with oftentimes outrageously high deductibles.


You will have the option to curate from among different insurance providers, as well as alternative methods, such as healthcare sharing which has been effectively paying for health, wellness, maternity, prescription drugs, mental health, and other related costs for millions of Americans for several decades. Want to know more? Click here for an alternative non-profit that is making an impact! 👊



This coming year, our company will be celebrating its silver anniversary and we are so excited for so many reasons. (More to come on this.) Becoming a business owner in our company could be just the niche you have been needing and looking for. There is no inventory—no need to lug, tug, tow, or ship any products.


So, don’t roam in the desert—ride that camel home! (Idk why I said that, except that I just “re-read” The Greatest Salesman in the World on Audible and the camel boy is still fresh in my mind) It’s a fabulous read, BTW. 🐪


The path of the achiever can be a lonely one because usually you are the only one in the path.

People around you won’t understand you, and people mock what they don’t understand. …

As the adage goes, the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world,

are the ones who do! ~ Darren Hardy


Look — the future is bright and beautiful and it is waiting for you and me. There’s just no time to waste. #gogogo #yougotthis