In the Climb

As we get ready to round out the year, a Google search of the positives in 2020 might be very encouraging.

I recently ran one and the result was a list of 15, 50, and even 100 positive things.

One hundred? That was quite the shocker, I know! But it was also quite revealing.

You see, despite the editorials, data, debates, and the blows to upend our long-term efforts for unity as Americans, the truth that surpasses our reality is that out of the ashes of fear, hope arises. And that we mustn’t ever forget that hope is not only found in the valley, but also in the climb. 

So as we in Team National continue the climb, we want hope to arise as we turn over an old leaf and home in on set goals. “Wait… an old leaf? The phrase is ‘turn over a new leaf.’” Yes, but on the grounds of this article (pun intended) an old leaf is befitting. But first, let’s home in.

In our lifetime, homing in on the positive has never been more necessary or important. It is vital to our mental health and well-being. One of the key changes from the skimmed-through lists is that with the great majority of parents working from home, the much sought after work-life balance has been realized. That is, the great divide between quality time and quantity time with our children is now bridged. Another significant change is the reduction of global emissions and traffic on the seas, as well as the increase of wildlife; giving our planet a chance to recover and rejuvenate. Have you seen photos of Venice lately?

This in no way diminishes the anguish nor our mourning for the sick and those whose lives have been lost, especially to COVID-19, but there have also been crucial breakthroughs in medicine, innovation, and digitalization at a rapid growth—like never in history—and for this we must be grateful.

Alas … turning over an old leaf.

Most of us spent the better part of the year trying to reconcile the new normal in our families, workplaces, places of worship, and our country. Yet rather than depleting ourselves from the time and energy of establishing new habits, we should think about the old ones that worked. Those that not only brought us to where we are, but have held us stable there.

That’s where turning an old leaf comes in. Here in Team National, we are thankful for the opportunities that change brings and want to turn over an old leaf to accomplish those unmet goals relegated to the front end of our journals or notebooks.

Think about TN’s proven and simple duplicatable system. It has worked for thousands of independent representatives, and it is still as relevant today, if not more than on Day One. Remember, sometimes we must take a step backward to regain footing that we can move forward and make the upward climb.

Team National has experienced positive change amid the unprecedented worldwide developments. We have done so together through the valleys—but also in the climb.

We are all excited for the many promising, good things to come, but most importantly, for all of the people we can continue to help.

“It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action,

and discipline that enabled us to follow through.”

Zig Ziglar

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