Leadership Lessons Are Not Only in Books

Years ago, I realized that leadership lessons come from many areas of life and business. I was reminded of this fact recently. For two weeks I was sick, sicker than I have ever been. I had the flu with severe body aches all over and fatigue, followed by bronchitis with continued pain and fatigue. I was reminded of the important lesson of staying positive through up’s and down’s by being around encouraging people and never giving up. Let me explain what happened and how it relates to you!

1st day (Sunday)

Being positive was easy peasy! My attitude/mentality was: “I just need rest, I’ll be better tomorrow I may need to cut back my work activities but I’ll still go to work.”

2nd day (Monday)

I wasn’t feeling well at all; I was tired, attitude was good but I was disappointed I couldn’t work. I thought I just needed to rest. I’ll drink liquids, take a nap, and I’ll be good the next day.

My positive “I’ll get through this” attitude the first two days is normal and often how someone starts something new; such as beginning their Team National Independent Business, with a great attitude and a “can-do” spirit that can help with any early setbacks.

3rd day (Tuesday)

Still not better, I was frustrated, surprised, attitude not great but not bad. I decided to call my doctor for her thoughts and help but in my mind, I’ll be at work by Thursday. I figured I just needed to fine tune what I was doing with rest and liquids. Found out I had the flu, needed rest, liquids, medicine and it could be days before I was well. Staying positive was harder. Throughout my illness, my family and many of my coworkers were very encouraging. My 3 ½ year old toddler even used my own line on me, “You will feel better tomorrow” and I believed it each and every time she said it.

This is the day some individuals start to waiver on their “can-do” attitude and “conquer-it-all” spirit.  Having positive friends, family or their new TN team around them often determines their attitude here. The earlier and more you can surround yourself and your new team members with positive influences the better; especially if there are any setbacks, “no’s,” or it isn’t going as planned.

4th & 5th day (Wednesday & Thursday)

I’m pretty much sick of being sick. I’m a “go-getter,” so to rest and recover was tough mentally. At this point in my mind, I’ve rested some, drank liquids, took medicine and I wasn’t better, so negative thoughts were creeping in fast. Plus, I was checking email and opened an email from a friend with the statistics on the people who are dying from the flu and how widespread it is and how I needed to take care of myself. I realized it was time to regroup, focus on my faith, and start counting my blessings more than my burdens. Of course, this is easier said than done when negative thoughts creep in, but an important leadership lesson for all because negative thoughts occur!

Important step when feeling down on anything is to regroup, focus, and count your blessings to push out the inevitable negative thoughts!

6th day (Friday)

I woke up and the severe body aches were gone. I finally had made forward progress until this point each and every other day when someone asked, “how are you?” or “are you feeling better?” The answer was “not good” and “no not any better,” my family really didn’t even want to ask anymore because it was disheartening to ask and hear “nope not better.” So, it was a great moment and it was the positive push I needed to get my mojo back. What I didn’t know was I was going to get over the flu and then get bronchitis and start this emotional roller coaster all over again.

Lesson in a nutshell: You will have up’s and down’s in business, in parenting, in goal-setting, with new projects and in all aspects of life! We all have days of no progress and negativity creeping in. It’s the determination to get past the negative. Find the positive, be persistent, have an attitude of gratitude that will get you through it. And I find it’s invaluable to surround yourself with more encouraging people than negative and to decide to not give up regardless of how you feel or what you are going through. Go forward anyhow, look for the best and then become an encouraging friend or business partner to help others do the same.


Warm regards and wishing you good health & encouraging friends on your leadership journey!



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