Let’s Grow!

Even though we neither morph nor transform into a different human being, as we grow and mature, not only is change inevitable, but spiritual, as well as personal development and self-improvement are critical to our success—far more than money.


Bob Proctor, best-selling author of books like The Art of Living, The ABCs of Success, and It’s Not About the Money, says this: change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice.



One of the great perks our company provides its employees is a monthly paid Personal Growth Session. Some might see the sessions as boring. Those hungry or thirsty for more, or maybe someone who didn’t have parents, teachers, clergy or any other impactful adult pour into them while growing up, not only welcome but appreciate the sessions.


As we consider that our company culture is one of growth, in spite of the fact that we are required to attend the meetings, whether we grow or not, is ultimately our choice.


What’s more, conventional wisdom dictates that company personal development and growth sessions are a prompt. So, in pointing out the obvious ➡️ Personal development/personal growth, let me remind you that it’s personal! To be a runner in training, for instance, and wait for your coach to come alongside you to pour water into your mouth just wouldn’t make sense.



For this reason, it is incumbent upon each of us to seek and find our own personal growth material beyond the conference room, team meetings or Zoom calls. Truly, with all of the abundance readily available in the way of podcasts, videos, apps, online magazines, newsletters, subscription-based media, training tips, and more, they have made it easy for us to self-nurture. Yes…this can be another term to add to the personal growth and development mix. It is a novel concept for a lot of us who are having to learn it later in life after having raised our children into adulthood.


Seemingly, younger professionals have picked up on this almost intuitively. Perhaps they have learned from others’ mistakes. Self-nurturing, which I personally believe goes beyond self-care, is essential for older adults—all the more if they are professionals, as we must never stop replenishing or we risk our wells running dry.



If you are a TN independent rep., are you subscribed to TN All Access? Have you checked out the Learning Center lately? There are well over 100 simple and useful How-To, Training, Recruitment, and Testimonial videos to choose from.


While data shows that small businesses and medium-size companies that invest in personal growth are overall successful, it’s important to know that not everyone in your organization is going to thrive, and not everybody will rise to positions of leadership.


Yet, don’t get discouraged, as everyone can be successful where they are in whatever it is they do. ICYMI that right there is the key—the doing. Success is always actionable!


Moreover, there are certain qualities that most successful entrepreneurs have in common. In a recent article published by Forbes, Ben Walker, CEO for Transcription Outsourcing, LLC lists some of those vital virtues.


1.         Robust Work Ethic

2.         Deep Passion

3.         Creativity

4.         Motivated Self-Starters

5.         Easy-going Attitude

6.         Eager to Learn


Want to expand on these six personality traits?  Open this for more later; but for now, let’s keep trekking along together!  🚶🏿‍♂️ 🚶‍♀️


As it relates to character traits, there is quite a bit to skim through, but Ben impressed me for one simple reason. He came across as true-to-life. With all the feathery fluff in the world wide web and social media, I appreciate real and also value raw.


One of the things that stood out for me was the realization that there are genuine hard-working, passionate, creative, motivated self-starters, with an easy-going attitude and always eager to learn, that don’t seem to find their niche. They prefer to be accurate over being right, but because they do not conform to the status quo, their chances for success in any given setting are diminished.


If that’s you, don’t give up! Be encouraged today. Here are a few other blog posts that might be of interest: Grounded, Unboxing the Box, Don’t Miss the Boat!, Your Story Matters, Right Out of the Ballpark. Each was designed with you in mind—to motivate and give you hope!! Conceivably, you could hire a personal coach.


Manish Dudharejia, TechnoEntrepreneur and Co-Founder & CEO of E2M Solutions, says that hiring a professional coach has many benefits, and he highlights this basic truth: …coaches tend to be a “baloney detector” that provide a brutally honest perspective…. Gotta love it!! He goes on to say, A great business coach is there to help your team accomplish a specific set of goals by setting a strategic plan to get from point A to point B.


Manish also poses four questions that a professional growth coach can help answer:

  • What’s really important to you?
  • Why do you do things the way you do?
  • How are your actions improving your well-being and your company?
  • What type of legacy do you want to leave?

Aha! Leaving a legacy! It is quite evident that those who reached the pinnacle of success that solely changed but chose not to grow, may have built financial fortresses and left a surplus of acquisitions, but not a legacy. Future generations will not remember them as people to be inspired by or even attempt to mirror their lives after. They will certainly go down in the books as wealthy but not prosperous. 


Wild-ass growth isn’t good for the company.

What we need is sustained growth.

Growth is not about a certain dollar value….  ~ Dick Loehr


Our founder, Richard “Dick” Loehr, is a fitting example of growth, success, and a legacy worth working hard for—one that is more valuable than gold (more on that in the near future). In relation to business, Dick may have said it best: Wild-ass growth isn’t good … what we need is sustained growth. Growth is not about a certain dollar value…. Do you agree?


Wave your hands in the air like you just do care! 🙌🏼 OK, let’s put those hands back on our keyboards, notepads, or cell phones and keep on keeping on!!


Dick Loehr may not have been right about everything, but when it came to business he was accurate. The outcome of true success is sustained growth. So keep this front and center in all of your personal and business goals (plan), endeavors (action), and in your success journey (progress).



Speaking of leadership, while navigating this topic I noticed one significant mark of a successful entrepreneur that most writers leave out. Probably because it’s an outside-the-box reflection. Can you guess what it is? Testing…one, two, three….


It’s impatience! Now, hold on a moment, before you quickly dismiss this, with regard to business management, impatience can be a strength rather than a character flaw. Here are a few reasons why.


Impatient leaders:

  • Pressure others to get things done (to slack is wack!).
  • Work to meet deadlines or even turn things in early.
  • Quickly recover! Despite some of them being risk takers and moving ahead too soon without all of the info. needed, they can quickly R&R (recover and reset).
  • Do not compete with others but rather with themselves.
  • Do not fall into complacency or conformity. They seek better and best!

Practice makes progress….


While you may still be on the road to success, always remember that practice makes progress, not necessarily perfect! And, although you’re probably not going to believe this, I wrote “keep on keeping on” before watching Jack’s short video, which was the last addition to this post. Candidly, I contemplated removing it because I didn’t want you to think I copied. 😂


Well, I’m keeping it because it’s a sign that someone needs a double portion today. Let’s go guys, let’s grow!


Click here for a short video on 10 Principles for Self-Improvement by Jack Canfield.


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