Recently, Lawrence Brooks of Louisiana, America's longest-living WWII veteran, celebrated his 111th birthday.  While he was honored and celebrated with plane flyovers and 10,000 cards from people around the world, the news inspired many of us to pause and consider his well-lived life, as well as that of the other 3% of Americans who live to 100 or more; their contributions and the secret of their longevity.

Comparably in direct selling, a list of the top companies, along with the products and services they offer can easily be compiled.  Yet, creating a business with staying power is not an easy feat—much less in 2020—which is now being coined by some as the year of defiance. Undoubtedly, these are unparalleled times and the doors of scores of businesses have been bolted down indefinitely.  

For this reason, as we turn the corner and face the last quarter, we want to look beyond the obvious barriers and set our sight on a company whose longevity in the industry hinges on not one, but many significant factors.  To do that, we mustn't look far!  But we must, however, look through the window of opportunity, that we can review our company's unique business model with fresh eyes.

This very year, Team National ranked 20 in the Direct Selling News Global One Hundred, a list of the top 100 direct selling companies, not only stateside but in the world.  We also made the list once again for South Florida’s Top Workplaces, and are currently in the running for 2021! 

For more than two decades, TN has steered the classic vehicles of growth and everyday savings and will continue to maintain them ready and robust; redesigning features at times, keeping the business model relevant with both vertical and lateral mobility.

It is the company’s commitment to serving its customers and IMDs with the honor, integrity, and character it lives by through exemplary leadership, that has defied the odds stacked against it at any given time.  In this way, it has not just adapted but moved forward ahead of the pack!

With that reassurance amid all of the unknowns, one thing is precedent with TN…it will continue to strive tirelessly for business excellence, holding steady as the leading membership savings company in the industry. 

So, as it pertains to the endurance shared by the small minority like PFC Brooks, most will agree with him that the key to a good life is to “serve God, and be nice to people.” Even so, that the key to longtime success in business is not always simple nor effortless along its vastly competitive road. 

Ultimately, TN’s success is apparent in its easy-to-follow business plan, yet more importantly, it is most evident in the countless lives inspired to action through time, to pay-it-forward for true and significant change.

Think but for a moment on the legacy left and on those who have and will still run with it.  How proud Dick Loehr would be! 

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