More Precious Than Diamonds, More Valuable Than Gold

The value of diamonds and certain metals is on the rise. Diamonds Search Engine reported an average increase in diamond prices by 1.7%—$10,977.26 per carat. Concurrently, the price of some metals are even higher.


Along those lines, The New York Times published an article earlier this year that covered the alarming number of catalytic converters being stolen throughout the country. Nine out of ten times, the thieves don’t take the vehicle, just the emission control device.


Why? It contains precious metals like rhodium, platinum, and palladium. Just to share a few numbers, at the writing of this log palladium was nearly $3,000 USD per ounce and rhodium a whopping $19,450! 😮


Only platinum is lower than gold at just about $1,000 USD per ounce. That’s all good and plenty, but the high stakes are outright criminal!


Gold on the other hand has remained a safe investment. Those in the market say there’s a tendency: when interest rates are low, gold prospers. In times of economic uncertainty and recession, the price of gold has increased.


Data also shows that the value of gold has multiplied over the years above silver and way more than stocks. As for me, I like to walk on the safe side of the road and facing traffic, so I think I’ll stick with gold.



Here’s the shiny shift! ✨


Entrepreneurs want to make investments that are both safe and sound, right? Yet in the pursuit of success, what leaders sometimes miss is that there is a greater investment more precious than diamonds, purer and more valuable than gold—it’s people.


For a few years, I knew bits and pieces about the Loehr family but not the full story. That is, until just recently when I read MaryLou Loehr’s book Love, Laughter & Bubblegum.


If you were recently welcomed into our Team National family and you have yet to meet MaryLou, Dick Loehr’s wife, mother of SuAnn, “Spider” and Angela, grandmother of six, mother-in-love to Phil, and the company’s owner, you’re in for a real treat.



MaryLou’s good ideas became Dick’s great ideas! 

~ Angela Loehr Chrysler


This is not a plug for MaryLou’s book, but what is captured in the pages of her memoir is sure to move you, “tickle,” and at times bring on the warm and fuzzies. It allows for a brief look into the Loehr family; and like me, you might discover that the company’s success could not have been reached without MaryLou Carlisle Loehr.


Her good ideas became Dick’s great ideas, and her get it done spunky spirit paired with her unwavering support has been the catalyst for just about all things TN from the get-go!



As personal investment and leadership goes, the Loehr family has worked hard to leave a legacy. When they succeed in any given endeavor, it is never the end of the line. They continue to stretch and strive, and walk the proverbial extra mile to also help others become successful because it’s the people business that they’re in.


The sustainable success achieved is significant enough that it’s not just simple but duplicatable; and although you cannot put a value on a human life* (not really), more than a dozen years after Dick’s passing, the value of his life remains quantifiable. 



So we raise two crucial questions:

  • What’s truly valuable to you?
  • How do you want to be remembered?

Whenever Dick & MaryLou come to memory, all the more after having read the book, they spring up as unassuming servant leaders—more precious than diamonds, more valuable than gold. What could be higher, more meaningful or impressive leadership than that, I ask?


When you decide to serve others as a leader,
the team’s success becomes your success.

~ John C. Maxwell


John Maxwell offers insight on servant leadership more than anyone else I’ve ever come across. He helps leaders position themselves within the right framework, with the correct attitude and posture of heart.


If you want to be an effective and efficient leader, here are eight questions to ask yourself:


  1. What can I do for people to help them succeed?
  2. What do people need from me daily that they may not want to ask for?
  3. What can I work on that will help me serve people better?
  4. How will I know that I am serving people well?
  5. What is it like for the people who work with me?
  6. How can I gain value while adding value to others by serving?
  7. What do I do best that allows me to serve people better?
  8. How can I serve people in a way that will inspire them to serve others?


Successful leaders seek and see the best in every circumstance and situation; turning negatives into positives, ninety-nine percent of the time. They want to make a difference in others—even after they’re gone. To them, it’s never about my four and no more!


So as we meditate on the golden opportunity of servant leadership, let’s swivel around for just a moment with a few fun facts about 💎 💎 and gold.


  • According to WP Diamonds, the Koh-i-Noor diamond (aka Mountain of Light) weighing more than 105.6ct and owned by Queen Elizabeth II of England, is listed as the most expensive diamond in the world. Gemologists estimate the value of this “perfect brilliant” at more than $2 billion.
  • Of all the natural substances on earth, diamonds are the hardest!
  • Although diamonds come in every color of the rainbow, yellow and brown are the most common, whereas orange and red are the rarest.
  • Diamonds are measured in carats, not karats, and certainly not carrots.
  • In the market for diamonds? Check out this list of the world’s rarest diamonds.
  • You know how people say that anything of true value is worth its weight in gold? In using troy units to measure precious metals, estimates the worth of 200 troy pounds at $4,474,344 USD, 3,689,616 EUR, and 3,169,944 GBP. Isn’t this astounding?
  • When gold jewelry says, “hand forged” it usually means that a skilled jeweler made it by hand, not mass-produced in a factory. How exactly is gold and other metals forged but with heat and tools like chisels, hammers, pliers and drills.
    • Nugget: anything that begs to be forged (including relationships) requires careful investment, suitable conditions, and the proper tools.
  • Here’s a page from the United States Gold Bureau that compares gold bars (by weight) to everyday things. Spoiler alert! They even compare a gold bar to the King of the Jungle.
  • If you know how much a person weighs, like your spouse or S.O., here is a fun way to roughly “appraise” their weight in gold.

OK, let’s turn this back around! ↩️


Entrepreneurs must often remind themselves that they are not called to manage but to lead. As it relates to people IRL, you’re going to find both diamonds and gold. There will be those similar to 10 karat gold pieces (filled with other metals) that might need a little “pounding” into shape through hours of coaching and mentoring. But you will also run into soft, malleable 24 karat treasures made of the purest gold that you won’t need to expend much of your valuable time on. While you can certainly work with both, it is the latter you want to seek to mentor.



We inspire people. We provide them with an opportunity for growth,

freedom, and entrepreneurial success. 

~ Dick Loehr



I don’t know where you may be today. You may find yourself at a crossroads with people standing right behind you. What I could glean from MaryLou’s book is that they found themselves in this sort of situation several times over.


While I realize that this may come across as bold, daring even—I believe that Dick would give me the go-ahead to speak it into your life today. Fear not! Carry on. Choose that path which is right for you and your family. It’s your journey, so no one needs to understand it or agree.


You aren’t much different than the rest of us in that you want both time and financial freedom. The Team National business opportunity will allow you to lead in such a way that is sustainable for yourself, as well as the movers and shakers in your organization. 🤜🤛


Oftentimes, I look around and see a lot of professionals but few mentors. Leader, you are needed and you are also wanted. While time is on your side, be inspired to work and leave not just an inheritance, but a legacy that is more precious than diamonds and much more valuable than gold.


*If you want to hear an interesting perspective from economists on how government agencies determine the value of human life, here’s a 3-minute talk and transcript from NPR’s Planet Money podcast.


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