Right Out of the Ballpark

It’s the top of the ninth, tied for 1 with a two-strike count against you. What a year!

If you’re like me (full disclosure), in spite of the positive Zoom Resting Face that others see, you’ve cried more than you’ve laughed this year—often feeling like you’re stuck in a dragged out ballgame that you just can’t wait to be over.

This seemingly never-ending experience in some ways parallels my hometown baseball team, who despite one of the biggest and most controversial scandals in the history of the sport, still advanced to the MLB playoffs this year. Why? Well they had more than something to prove. As their seasoned manager explained it best, “They closed the circle and got into each other. It made them closer.”

This team was resolute to play hard and play as a unified front; with injuries, cardboard cutouts for fans, and absent from their beloved city’s ballpark, they moved past the obstacles with great effort to recover and to redeem times past.

In a similar vein, your team may be in need to recover this year. Certainly not from experiences like the one just described, but from an off-season slump or a less-than-productive business year.

So, in following with this great American sport, we want to help make the last couple of innings in 2020 count for your team with a few simple steps.

1.  Review

Get out of the dugout and review the steps in the Game Plan. You’re no pinch hitter, you are a Team National MVP. Secure 1st Base using Web Videos, Pre-Recorded Messages, or Live Stories. The on-hand resources are simple and accessible 24/7 from the convenience of your home, office, vehicle, or any place with network connectivity. 

2.  Rework

Booking an appointment is easier than ever! Think about those who have been isolated during this time and would welcome a call or video connection. Rework your schedule to fit in new prospects. There is neither a better, nor a more exciting time than the last couple of innings for line drives, RBIs, and home runs. You and your teammates are the winningest team that others dream to be a part of.

3.  Regroup & Rebuild

A team is only as good as its leader. When was your last personal sale? If it was longer than a year ago, it’s time to regroup and lead from the front. Counsel and rebuild belief in the system and the company. The key in leadership is to make more leaders, not followers. You, as the leader, make the sale, follow up, and duplicate!

So … it’s the top of the ninth with bases loaded, your cleanup hitter is up to bat and your team is the favored to win … anticipation builds but you got this. You see, in reality, no one loses in Team National as long as they’re in the field. Together we either win, or learn the strategies to win, making every opportunity count. Hit it big y’all—right out of the ballpark!

Get started today and check out the possibilities of what Team National can do for you. To learn about the Team National opportunity, please visit