She Is!

She is … a wide-eyed, sweet little girl who is kind, playful and oh so pretty.  She loves to play with her dolls more than anything; even more than eating, bathing, sleeping, and certainly much more than school. While the other children play outdoors, she can be found in her room—feeding, changing, and rocking her baby dolls to sleep as she sings a favorite lullaby that her momma made up and loves to sing to her. 



She is … a young adult now. Her baby is put to her bosom, but this is not a novel encounter. She has held her baby so many other times; loved her, sung to her and rocked her to sleep. Her childhood dreams have finally come true. She is … a mother. And yet, she always has been! 


When we think of mothers, so many different images come to mind. For most of us, no one but God is higher than she, no other can compare. She is … unique in ways that are often difficult to express.


A mother is not necessarily the one who births,

but the one who brings up and brings forward.


The greater majority of us see our mothers or mother figures, with great admiration and respect, and everything she does is done with great finesse. Whether a homemaker or a rainmaker, they are influential and successful; each in their own right. 





So with that in mind, we want to commemorate the women responsible for birthing, bringing up and bringing forward all the men and women of the world—from Cape Flattery, Washington (the northwestern-most point of the U.S.) to Madawaska, Maine (the north-northeastern-most point of the U.S.), and all across the globe, we rise up and call them blessed!





Whether mom is 21 or 101, here are seven self-care tips to share with her or help her fulfill.


  1. Get some fresh air on a pier (a lake or river is fine too). Take a long stroll on the sand or grass barefooted—a good time might be between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. Bonus points if you pedal your way there!
  2. Make a list of important jobs and distribute them among your children (I didn’t say your husband). If the kids are too young, skip this tip! 😉
  3. Pack a picnic for one .  I have actually done this and it was entirely enjoyable, not to mention beneficial for body and mind.
  4. Get your hair colored professionally. Groupon has some great deals. I have colored my hair from a box all of my life and recently had it done professionally—what a BIG difference y’all! I didn’t know all that I was missing (literally)!!
  5. Learn to play an instrument, update your skillset with online tutorials, volunteer at the humane society, a preschool, or a favorite charity.
  6. Plan a getaway. You can go somewhere close. Most major cities are now open for train travel . One of our vendors shared with me, how one of the best trips of her life was taken on a train. If you live in Florida, take a look at this!
  7. Go to a comedy club or theatre. A favorite place to take my mom to is a Spanish comedy theatre down in Miami. Most of the things that I have learned about my culture, I learned at a comedy club (don’t tell her!). 



Maryon Pearson was quoted to say, Behind every successful man is a surprised woman. (ha-ha) The famous comedian, Groucho Marx, said that Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife (I don’t quite understand what he meant by that, but it might be better that way). You see, I have always believed that beside (not behind) every child, is a self-sacrificing, giving, caring, loving, and strong mother or mother figure. With characteristics like those, your walk will always lead to success, unless you choose not to follow!









What triggers memories of your mom (momma, ma, me, mami, mae, ima or eema, maji, mathair, maminka, manman, muter…), or what do you associate her with? Is your mom fun or funny? Do you like to hang out with her? Do you even make the effort to? I can’t tell you the number of moms I have met in the winter of their lives who are lonely and alone. It’s been one too many, even before the pandemic hit! I just cannot comprehend. 🙁


As far as what I associate my mom with … I define her by her strength. Mami is unwavering, relentless. And yet whenever there is a clean, fresh, or sweet fragrance in the air, I think of her. She is … the cleanest, freshest, sweetest smell I have ever known!!





In the words of wise King Solomon, “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” I have come to understand what he meant, as women may not rule the world, but no one has greater influence in it!


So, if you’re looking for tangible or substantial ways to pair I love you, I appreciate you, you are more precious than the clearest, best cut diamonds, here are some homemade gift-giving ideas and several prompts with 51 gifts under $50.


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