Team National 2018 Year in Review

As we brought 2018 to an end, we can say we excelled beyond our expectations. It is safe to say we listened to your suggestions, acted, and executed the changes. Every year we aim to add value to the membership, and by doing so provide more savings to the field. This year we added 123 stores to the BigN Marketplace, which our online shoppers appreciated. Enhanced our ADP payroll offering by increasing the savings from 25% to as much as 50%, this also applied to existing ADP clients. Our increased commissions, along with a 22% increase on savings from AT&T.

We made a few new fantastic partnerships! Aflac joined us providing outstanding savings, and Family Star Mortgage came aboard providing our members a tremendous credit back of .75%.  We also included a Life Insurance program with 30 participating providers, and our members do not need a medical exam. If that isn’t a big bang for 2018, we also polished up our style, that’s right! We updated our TN Apparel and added more modern, comfortable designs for you to style up while out in the field. In addition, we launched Success Leadership by which we provide personal growth content from our top leaders and key leadership speakers from around the world.

If that didn’t move you off the edge of your seat, we have more!  Announced by the Direct Selling News, Team National was named one of the Best Places to Work. Along with that, the Team National HOPE Foundation raised $310,000 in 2018, providing hope to communities and families near you.

To save the best for last, we bundled up TN All Access for $25 a month with FREE shipping which includes, marketing materials, TN Apparel, and TN products. As we wheel in 2019 be ready for more opportunities and growth as we continue to evolve.

Get started today and check out the possibilities of what Team National can do for you. To learn about the Team National opportunity, please visit