Time for Action

You are the anchor—the fastest runner. You have done your run–walk intervals and practiced hand-offs. Yet you are somehow still below your projected time. Someone has to be slowing down, dragging their feet, or dropping the baton!


In similar ways, your business team is hanging back. When deadlines loom and finish lines become hazy, what can you do?




Apply Some Pressure

Ben Brearley BSc. BCM MBA DipProfCoaching, who also founded Thoughtful Leader, says that in order for your team to thrive, there must be a level of pressure or stress. This makes sense because a no-stress environment is prone to distraction, slothfulness, even apathy and boredom. Take a look at how he expounds on this.


The normal type of stress that everyone thinks about is the negative “Distress,” which keeps people awake at night, anxious, working long hours and thinking about work long after the day has ended.

The second type of stress is called “Eustress,” which can have a positive impact on performance. When it comes to Eustress, people generally believe that the work pressure they are experiencing is reasonable and within their coping limits.


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In his article, How to Use Work Pressure to Help Your Team Thrive, Ben shares ways to manage the work pressure and achieve your best performance.


  • Start holding people accountable
  • Focus on work that other people care about
  • Support your team to ensure they aren’t alone
  • Set achievable, short to medium-term goals



B2 (Brains times Brawn)

I don’t have letters after my name—I barely graduated from high school after my papi passed away, but one useful rule I implemented at various ages and stages of life is the 25-25-50 Rule of Strategies. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s because I made it up through common sense and practicality. 😉


Be that as it may, the rule is effective and measurable through 25% strategic thinking, 25% strategic planning, and 50% strategic action.




Many groundbreaking, epic, profitable ideas have remained in others’ heads and within the confines of a meeting room. The ideas and plans never came to fruition because it takes more than brains to get a plan to materialize, it also takes brawn.


One simple everyday example of this, I see in action on my way to the office. If it wasn’t for the rough, calloused hands and sweat-drenched backs of those who build our roadways and highways, would we even have an infrastructure? Architects, engineers, and site managers are amazing, but construction workers are the real



More Power to You Us

Some folks put down technology, frown upon it, or avoid it altogether like a stinking fish. Like currency, technology is neutral; neither good nor bad. Only in the manner used can it result to the benefit or the detriment of others.


On Sundays, I get a report on how much my smart phone screen time decreased for the week. It makes me happy—only because I didn’t scroll aimlessly through social media feeds or inadvertently got into debt buying things above my means. It shifts the power back into my hands.


Our company’s business opportunity can accomplish that for you too. It is a simple and easy-to-follow system. Those who use it, set their own pace. Some sprint and stride, whilst others scuttle and scamper, but all of them find common ground to push off from—and all of them are given the same tools to succeed.


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Not Today!

There is a Spanish saying: “Camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente.” [Shrimp that slumber are taken by the current.] Gary Ryan Blair, President of The GoalsGuy, offers phenomenal tips in his Finish Strong Checklist, but one of my favorite comes from his Strategy 06 on the topic of speed.


Speed is a massive competitive advantage that you must utilize with great authority. Speed is a demonstration of commitment, competence, and clarity of purpose; and speeding things up is the key to rapid, ongoing, and transformational results.


Gary cuts a fresh, generous piece off the “food chain” when he says that it’s not so much that the bigger fish eat the smaller ones, but that the fastest eat the slowest. This makes sense as to why some people…well, let’s just say end up as sushi. 🍣🎣🐡


We all want to succeed by our own merits; at least I think we all do. Equally, we want to get there as fast as possible. Well, butter my back and call me a biscuit if they ever catch me slumbering. Not today—move out of my way! As my abuelita used to say when we would ask her why she woke up so early and never took naps, “There’s plenty of time to sleep when I die, mijita. Let me be.”




To say that it’s time for action is not an understatement, it’s a friendly reminder. There really isn’t much time to finish the year strong. So calibrate your stopwatches. Lace up your running shoes and run like it’s your best race yet—because it is.