Two Ways to Stay Positive During Quarantine

 Look for the Good!

Even during difficult times, you can always see the silver lining. Try and focus on the positives you see around you. Focusing on small, positive things can improve your mood. One positive aspect that has occurred between individuals since the onset of the pandemic,  is that everyone is coming together. We somehow understand a small part of what others are feeling.

Ask yourself these questions daily, or others.

What were your achievements?
What made you feel grateful?
How did you spread kindness?

You can keep track of your answers by keeping a daily journal. Doing so will help remind you of all the good things that have happened, and it will also help you notice them as they happen in your everyday routine.

Help Others.

As you stay home, think of ways you can help someone else. Although, help of any kind may seem restricted during the coronavirus pandemic, you can do more than you think. You can FaceTime someone who is self-quarantining or those at risk, like your parents or grandparents. You can also serve others by helping small businesses that are struggling. You could order takeout, use a drive-thru, or try food delivery services. You can also shop at local retailers who offer online shopping. You can also offer to send groceries to a friend or a family member that can’t make it to the grocery store.

The world needs positivity right now, so get creative. We can all get through this together!



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