Up and Running

Up and Running

In an on-the-go era, as much as some of us might want to move like a fine-tuned engine, it’s just as easy to forget that even strong, built-to-last machines need regular maintenance and prevention checks.

As entrepreneurs, sometimes the best way to stay up and running is by exercising a multi-point inspection, which includes your “Why.” We all start up our engines daily and move forward in our journey to success. But what we must be mindful of is to check our fluids. Otherwise, we run the risk of stalling or breaking down midway through the trip.

Here are a few reminders to keep you up and running at high performance speed.

Find inspiration.

Finding inspiration can happen through others’ stories and in reclaiming your passion. Being open to various sources of success that transcend age, cultural or social backgrounds—regardless of whether they come from an adult or a child—is key. We can be revved by anyone or anything if we keep an open mind toward inspiration and teachable moments.

Surround yourself with highly successful and motivated people.

Ever been around someone who has the flu? Next thing you know, you too have all the symptoms. Negativity can spread just as fast. As an entrepreneur, it is important to not allow the plague of negativity to reach your realm. A positive attitude and mind will help you grow personally, and help you grow your business and team.

Keep affirmations where you can see them.

We usually know we have a low or flat tire in our vehicle when the service light comes on in the dashboard. In a similar manner, our “engines” can be serviced by keeping reminders. Having a vision board, listening to CDs, watching Success Stories online, or by utilizing other tools that can serve as affirmations, will be like adding high grade oil to keep us up and running at optimum performance.

The likelihood that you will travel down the long-stretched lanes that lead to your destiny accompanied by many others is high. A systematic inspection of your “vehicle” and adding premium fuel and high-performance oil to top-off your “Why” is essential. Choosing motivated, likeminded people with whom to travel with can make all the difference in how soon you reach the farthest point.

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