Foreseeably, just a few weeks ago Merriam-Webster announced “pandemic” as 2020’s Word of the Year.


If you’re a parent, or have been around children for some time, you know that with them the WOTY is the same every year: why. In all fairness, it tends to be ours as well! “Why did you do this?” … “Why didn’t you do that?” Why, why, why!



Typically, asking why is not rhetoric. We ask why in all sincerity, expecting honest, and almost always, detailed answers. Why? To gain understanding, more information, or in order to get clarity about something or someone.


You may know Simon Sinek, but if you haven’t heard of him, he is the author of numerous best-selling books, including Start With Why and Find Your Why. In 2009, he gave a thought-provoking TED Talk, one that popularized the theory of WHY, putting a spin on the profound age-old question.


Young Sinek challenged himself then, and countless other entrepreneurs and heads of companies since, to find the why first (the purpose behind what they do or the reason they are in business) before ever attempting to communicate [the] what it is they do and how they go about doing it.


What is much more striking than the schematic Golden Circle that Simon Sinek sketched during the presentation to simply convey his concept, is the pattern he discovered while studying various successful and inspiring leaders in modern history. In the pattern, which is based on the biology of human decision-making, Simon says (ha-ha) that the common denominator in all of the prominent leaders was that they were driven for success by a cause, a purpose, or a core belief rather than by results or outcome, such as riches and fame.


If you are privileged to know but a handful of our company’s leaders, you know how driven they are; not only by their individual-slash-family beliefs, but by incorporating Team National’s core beliefs into how they lead daily.



You may be struggling to stay on top of your game. You might be lagging into the new year expecting much of the same. Well, what a fantastic time to motion out of, or from your why with preeminent passion, focus and meaning for fruitful direction in 2021.


Whether it be to discover (if the concept is new to you) or to review your why you do what you do and continue to do so (the great majority of the time) without a pat on the back, an honorable mention, fringe benefits, or compliments—this is food for thought for best practices, next steps, or a New Year’s action plan.


Meanwhile, it is paramount to know or remember that everyone in Team National, from our top leaders, corporate leadership, our President & CEO Angela, to our co-founder and owner MaryLou, is driven by belief. Not solely a faith-based belief coupled with the belief in themselves, but beyond that, a belief in why our company was founded and why it essentially remains “in spite of”: to provide value, inspire dreams


“I believe that in a lifetime of opportunities,

Team National is truly the opportunity of a lifetime.”

~ Robert Fason


So the valid question is, Why can TN continue to accomplish its vision for hundreds of thousands of individuals, businesses and families?



Because as opposed to so many other companies, for about a quarter of a century the focus is not in outdoing our competitors, their brands or their products—it is in significantly outdoing ourselves.

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