You’ve Got This In the Bag!

You may remember the Elementary School game Duck, Duck, Goose. Despite there being an important factor missing from the game, it was a childhood favorite. Was it for you as well? Do you remember what was missing from the game? I can help—a winner!

As opposed to most games, sports and contests, this game is strictly for fun and maybe a little exercise, but nobody is eliminated and no one gets a prize.


Now that lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in Florida and many other states, there seems to be a Duck, Duck, Goose being played by adults and just for fun we’re going to name it the Lockdown-Loose game.



Loosed from lockdowns, people everywhere are being tapped to be “it.” They run around, throw a party, then tap a family or friend to host the next one! It’s as if everyone is on a vengeance to charge back from Father Time all of the “good times” they weren’t able to have in 2020.


So in gathering and celebrating, I recently heard this one particular phrase being mentioned, so much so that it captured my attention. “You’ve got this in the bag!”

I heard it from the keynote speaker at a graduation, the best man at a wedding, a family member telling another who was up for a promotion, a friend spurring another friend to host a pool party at dusk, and interestingly enough, it was written in a fortune cookie I cracked open just the other day.


Having ears to hear I said to myself…’Hmm, how coincidental and what an interesting phrase. But, what is the message here?’


In each of these scenarios—in celebrations and milestones alike—you’ve got this in the bag is an encouragement, a persuasion, a prompt of promise that you will achieve it…that success is sure, that you’re going to get whatever it is that you planned for and worked so hard at, planted in and even prayed about. You are sure to win!



Doesn’t an affirmation like that put fire in your boots?  🔥


In pretty much everything in life, winning is the ultimate goal. “I don’t care if I win,” said no athlete competing in their sport. No business owner ever said, “Whether we profit or go under, what matters most is that the company got started.”


Perhaps NFL’s winningest coach, Vince Lombardi, who achieved more success in less time than any other coach in history, brought this point home like no other: If it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?


Everyone wants to win,

Everyone wants to be a champion!


Whether you purposefully keep score or not, here’s a dose of raw and real because like a tonic or an elixir, your taste buds might hate it but it does the body good.



People who say that joy is not found in winning or losing but in how you play the game, or that winning isn’t everything, are either losers attempting to self-soothe, coaches speaking to their teams on perseverance, or a winner exhibiting sportsmanlike conduct by “consoling” an opponent. The unadulterated truth is that everyone wants to win, everyone wants to be a champion!


Until recently, we have all been looking out from the sidelines but it’s time to get back in the game for the win! I don’t know what position you’re currently in, or what you’re competing or fighting for. I don’t know what you have your hands on, but I do know this; that whatever it is, you’ve got this in the bag!


Not only will you go far but you will succeed!


You were designed and created to win—every cell in your body either aligns or fights to align with this truth. If you’re a survivor, you know exactly what I am referring to. Even in times of chronic or terminal illness, or loss, I know that I know that the warrior in you has fought hard and prevailed.


In the same vein, as you stay in the race you were called to, be certain that not only will you go far but you will succeed! Until then, should you need a little boost from time to time (when your muscles ache, you’re short of breath, the journey drags on wearily, a charley horse painfully kicks in, or you’re down to the last penny) here is a bit of inspiration from a few of our top-earners and Eagle winners.


You have got to have a Why so big and so strong that no matter who, or what obstacles you face, your WHY is bigger.  ~ Codi Konesheck


It’s not what you’re surrounded by that dictates who you are, it’s what you’re made of.  ~ Bubba Dean


Don’t be reluctant to give of yourself generously; it’s the mark of caring and compassion, and personal greatness. If we help others and they succeed, we all succeed together.  ~ Ron & Sheila Steffes


Money is not going to drive you—I’ve met the most amazing people in my entire life right here in Team National. And there’s a whole bunch more we haven’t even met yet. I want them in my team; how about you!   ~ Scott Duval


You wanna be rich, or you wanna be right!  ~ Eliza Dezelle


Take a loss and turn it around! If you focus on your history, you’ll never step into your destiny.  ~ Tom & Kim Belloli 


You’re going to pay an upfront price for a down-the-road success starting today! Are you ready to take it all the way? We’re going to go all the way; are you!  ~ Tony & Stephanie Dunn


The beggar’s motto is, ‘What can you do for me?’ And as long as that is what you’re projecting doing [this] business, you will continue to strike out and be utterly frustrated. Champions have a different motto; ‘What I can do for you!’  ~ Brad Barton


Your dream is your power! When you lose your dream, it makes you settle for a whole lot less than you deserve.  ~ Mike Boyd


Hope is a wonderful starter, but where you have to go with this is to go from hope to believe!  ~ Craig Pourciau



How awesome are these people?  🙌🏼  Memorize these quotes, write them down multiple times, tape them to your mirror(s), speak them out loud often. Do whatever it takes to be reminded that from conception, you have been imbued with the DNA of a winner.


We at TN are thrilled to gather in Kansas City, Missouri for our next convention post-pandemic and extract as much as we possibly can from our leaders. Those who have reached the highest achievements didn’t train for fame and didn’t work for opulence, but for sustainable success (more on that in a future blog post). They aimed for a legacy worth following and that’s truly the game changer!!



Tag, you’re it!  RISE up and run for the win. You’ve got this in the bag! We believe in you and we’re rooting you on every step and stride because you’re worth it.  🌟