Your Story Matters

The new year is always a time of renewal in Team National with NYKO (New Year Kickoff), a new Eagle winner, exciting events, updates from our savings partners and more. 


While on the cusp of change, holidays have reset in our calendars and although St. Patrick’s Day is not till mid-March, shelves are already stocked with everything green!  But wait, I say, let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day first! 



No matter our love language, we all look forward to that special time of year for lots of chocolate, cute stuffed animals, shiny mylar balloons, mugs, jewelry and merch representing friendship.  Oh yes, love and romance too!  (wink-wink)


The retail industry is always one step ahead, fast-spinning (just as the Earth has lately—did you read about that?).  Nonetheless, every handheld balloon, bouquet and box of sweet treats has a story behind it.  They’re an affectionate nod to the relationships they silently speak of. 


As we reflect on past months, there is one too many a story surrounded by sorrow and upheaval that makes us shudder.  Yet in the midst of it all, we are thankful for the stories of families reunited, health survivors and warriors, valiant veterans, new couples, new births, new homes, new ventures and successes achieved.  No matter the story, it matters!




Let us consider social media stories.  They are gaining popularity over newsfeeds with more than just teens.  Tech experts have been talking about the significance of stories since the coming of the new digital era and by the looks of it, stories are here to stay. 


Dave Kerpen, New York Times best-selling author and Likeable co-founder and chairman, wrote an article for Inc. Magazine: 7 Ways to Tell Stories (Truthful Ones) to Sell Online.  In it he shares seven tips for becoming a more effective storyteller on social media.  Dave says that social media allows your story to be told at scale and build powerful relations with your customers.  He adds, “Storytelling online is far cheaper, with less risk than old-school traditional marketing.  So if the story you tell today doesn’t resonate, tell another one tomorrow.”


Just last week, a friend I follow shared an IG story where she was cleaning her makeup brushes, tagging the beauty expert she learned this life hack from.  While the focus was on cleaning her brushes, it gave us all a look-see into the quality brushes she buys, as well as the beauty products she uses that were all laid out in the background.  Who told her I was looking to replace my brushes?  What an easy sell for the company!  It reminds me of the classic Spanish saying:  “To a good listener, few words suffice.”  [translated]



Undoubtedly, someone’s attention can be captivated with 10 to 15-second snips.  One key advantage over written posts and videos is that stories are more casual and typically remain for just a day, so you can start with a clean slate next time around.  Another is that with stories, you don’t leave much of a “paper trail.”  This is particularly true if you control and periodically check your privacy settings.


So why not put yourself in a favorable position by utilizing one of the simplest and greatest self-marketing or branding tools available to share an overcoming testimony, the new book you can’t put down, or simply what you love and consume regularly?  Social media stories can be used not only to open up a window into the everyday and major life moments, they can serve to subtly introduce products and services that you are passionate about.  That is, while pictures tell, stories sell!  Stories motivate, encourage, exhort, edify, inspire and connect us—they make us more relatable to one another.



Think about it… there are as many sides to a story as there are people to tell it.  And for that reason alone, people tell their stories that they too can be heard.  In stark contrast, you may be shying away from stories altogether.  For many of us, telling our story is probably out of the question.  We dare not think it, much less doing so in a crowd (even a virtual one).  That’s OK!  The fact of the matter is that to step out and share personal experiences is not easy-peasy but it is courageous.  Stories can also offer a simple and practical way to slide into public speaking, little by little and over time. 


Even still, you might be thinking…  ’Nah, I’ll pass.  I don’t have anything significant to share.  I’m not important, not an influencer, not someone selling something for profit.  Why would I even put myself out there?’ 



Besides the many talents and gifts you possess for your own benefit, you have them for the benefit of others.  The fundamental and most important reason to share your story is that your story matters, and your story matters because you matter!  You know firsthand that everything you go through grows you.  Here is a mental picture to go along with the point I’m trying to make.  When I look at trees, not only do I consider their beauty, but I value the time invested by the planter, as well as the time it took for it to grow; even under extreme conditions and inclement weather.  Moreover, when I look at a fruit tree, I see its arms in the form of branches, open—extended and reaching—as if it was inviting me/us to take of its fruit!   


Maybe the way Dian Griesel (Ph.D., President of DGI Companies and Wilhelmina model) says it in Dian’s Daily Dose is more persuasive:  Are you holding back because you’re worried about being laughed at?  Thinking that releasing all that is “you” might be egotistical?  Upset the status quo?  Change relationships?  All that might happen.  All that might not happen.  What will happen is that your awesomeness will be noticed.  Some may appreciate it.  Others maybe not.  Still, none of that is your business.  Your responsibility is to share with the world the unique, one-of-a-kind, special “you” that you are.


Yes, yes, yes, and yes!!  And yet, if you are really … truly uncomfortable, it’s really and truly fine to wait.  In the meantime, here’s an idea that could help to get your motor running.  Highlight someone else in your story first—be their interviewer with just one thought-provoking question.  Then, follow them around for a while and be inspired! 


You inspire me. Your stories inspire me. Your stories are why I do what I do.

~ Angela Loehr Chrysler, President & CEO


Team National has Success Stories on our website that members can glean from, and while longer than 15 seconds, they are personal and effective connections to our audience, conveying the real-life experiences of our leaders’ journeys to success.  If you have yet to view the stories of these like-minded uplifting leaders, carve out a little time and log in to watch a few today.

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