Dick Loehr


Richard “Dick” Loehr (1943 - 2008) began his successful career as a race car driver for the champion Ford drag racing team. He was not only a successful racer from 1961 through 1971, but also captain of the Ford Drag Team. For ten years, Dick raced for the best and won hundreds of races. In 1971, Ford left the racing industry and so did Dick.

His entrepreneurial spirit drove him to open a car dealership and RV lot in Portage, MI., which he successfully owned and operated from 1971 through 1979. Dick’s business sold approximately 145,000 cars, generating millions of dollars for the automotive industry. As an active leader, Dick became president of several automotive related boards as well as a member of other boards and councils related to the automotive industry. He also helped raise money for the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. Dick was active in the automotive industry until 1990 when he sold both dealerships and moved to South Florida.

Continuing to follow his entrepreneurial dreams, Dick owned and operated nine restaurants in the South Florida area from 1992 through 1995, employing hundreds of people. The passion for servant leadership continued to grow, and in 1996 Dick began developing a company that would provide benefits and services to consumers. Now called membership savings, Dick designed a one-of-a-kind savings program, which would allow anyone who owns a package, to enjoy discount buying power like that of a Fortune 500 company. One year later, Dick introduced his membership savings and services to a small direct selling company. By 1999, Dick had purchased the marketing plan and associate group from that direct selling company to form the National Companies, now known as Team National.

Through his 10-year battle with cancer, Dick always kept his smile and positive attitude. He passed away on May 13th, 2008; but his winning spirit, positive attitude, as well as his time-honored legacy of honesty and integrity live on in his family, his wife MaryLou, and in the thousands of leaders he inspired.

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