Josh Marx

Vice President - Marketing

Josh Marx is Vice President of Marketing and responsible for all marketing and advertising functions, which are performed in-house. He earned an Associate of Science in Graphic Design from Santa Fe College, a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Peru State College, and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Nova Southeastern University.


Josh brings more than 12 years of marketing, advertising, graphic design and business development experience to Team National. As a marketing professional, he is well versed in all forms of traditional marketing, along with inbound marketing techniques (social media, blogs, SEO, landing pages and calls-to-action, among others). For the last several years, his focus in marketing, has revolved mainly around internet marketing and inbound marketing strategies. He has remained the point of contact of all creative direction, graphic design and website development for most of his career.


Josh was born and raised in Florida. He has been involved in sports all the way through college and enjoys all outdoor activities. He and his wife Alicia, enjoy hanging out with their dogs, as well as playing sports, working out and going to the beach.

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